Discovery set
Sample kit 8*2ml

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Discover a selection of your favorite fragrances with this 8 samples set. Don't miss out on this opportunity to find your signature scent!

In addition to this olfactory travel, you will also get a coupon equal to the amount spent on this set for any purchase over a 100$.

Discover this curated fragrance selection in this 8 samples set, containing:

 Kâshân Rose – Discover Kãshãn Rose, the essence of persian roses, this fragrance is a harmonious spin of savage and sophisticated.

 Tokyo Bloom - Discover the serene world of « Tokyo Bloom », a fragrance that is the essence of a japanese garden in its 5th season, between spring and summer, where the air is as fresh as warm.

 White Zagora - Discover this fresh mirage in the desert. This luminous fragrance takes you straight to the morrocan oasis of Zagora. 

 Majaĩna Sin - Discover the bold freshness of Majaïna Sin, a perfume born out of the rich and exotic Madagascar vanilla.

 Dance of the Dawn - Discover this fusion of patchouli from Sulawesi and spicy black pepper, with notes of pink peppercorn, opening a world of olfactory wonders.

 Osmanthus - Discover the exotic charm of "Osmanthus Elixir", a delicate scent imported straight from a far away china in porcelaine pots.

 Sublime Balkiss - Discover a modern master-piece capturing the essence of a fresh rain with a smooth wind in the colorfull landscapes of Ireland.  

 Une Nuit Magnétique, all night long - Discover the charm of Une Nuit Magnétique - a scent capturing the essence of a laugh on the bords de Seine, the warmth that comes with the end of spring, and the soft whispers of the trees caught in the wind. 

It is now time to get ready for an olfactory travel like no other. 

Discover the 8 Samples Set!


Dance of the Dawn, Kashân Rose, Sublime Balkiss, Majaïna Sin, Tokyo Bloom, Osmanthus, Une Nuit Magnétique, White Zagora.


Made in France and designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, our products represent the culmination of contemporary French luxury.
Our historic bottles are unique, modern and elegant, designed with purity in mind.
And that's the spirit of The Different Company!
The silkscreen prints are in platinum (Juste Chic Collection) or enamel (L'Esprit Cologne Collection).
The bottles are re-burnt to remove impurities and make them softer to the touch. Our pumps are invisible. The covers are made of solid metal.
We are committed to working with French artisans as much as possible and to continually introducing you to new compositions and products, while never compromising on the quality and history we want to share with you.
Discovery set
Sample kit 8*2ml

Discovery set
Sample kit 8*2ml


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