The Chypres

Fragrances written in vivid, contemporary language...
A classic tradition in the rules of the art, we've reworked Chypre in a more personal way, with a lively, contemporary style, but always evoking the familiar memories of the Chypres of the past.
The Chypres family owes its name to a mythical accord created in 1917 with Coty's Chypre. This accord is built around Bergamot, evoking the Sicilian sun; Jasmine, the ephemeral flower that lights up the night and fades at the beginning of the day; Rose, a sublime, refined flower; Oak Moss, now rebuilt with Patchouli accords and Labdanum, a resin derived from Cistus leaves. Our Chypres demonstrate that olfactory creations classic in their theme can become modern and original because never before composed with such truth.
Enchanting and magnetic, traditional and contemporary.
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