Oud Shamash

I am an ode to eternity, a luminous alchemy of Oud Absolute magnified by spicy, amber notes. Powerful, dark and mysterious, I invite you on a spiritual journey to the heart of the Far East.

I am opulent and magnificent. I take flight on a spicy accord of Rum-soaked Pink Berries, then explore the deepest, most mysterious resinous facet of Oud Absolute, sublimated by Patchouli. My narcotic, intoxicating trail has already converted you.

I am Shamash, the Sun God celebrated by the Babylonians. High in the sky, I judge and observe humanity. Perfumer-creator, am I your interpretation of eternity? I am Oud Shamash.

An Oriental-Woody Perfume Extract by Bertrand Duchaufour, 2013
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