After Midnight

I am in a ravaging mood, my colour and my enveloping trail evoke the night, after midnight. I must be worn once the sun goes down, so that I can reveal all my charms and secrets to you.

I am a bewitching, almost magical fragrance. My luminous, golden freshness, on a bed of powdery Iris and suave Angelica, is warmed by Cinnamon. I then mellow and soften on a musky base of Benzoin Balm and Ambrette Seeds.

I am sorcery and enchantment. Once night has fallen and the twelfth stroke of midnight has sounded, no one can turn away from my bewitching, sensual trail.

I am After Midnight.

An Eau de Toilette Citrus Oriental by Émilie Coppermann, 2011.

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