Sublime Balkiss

I am a perfume with a lively, contemporary style. I evoke the smell of Irish rain, fresh and sweet, the velvety scent of the wind and the delicately sweet heather of this land of fire under the damp moor that has captivated my perfumer.

I am a modern chypre, recomposed with Patchouli in two steps. One sublimates my floral heart, where Rose Damascena reigns supreme, while the other combines with Cocoa Powder in the base, revealing its dark, warm notes. In the top note, fruity, citrusy scents support the impertinent trail of fragile Violet Leaves.

I am like the mysterious Queen of Sheba, who continues to intrigue century after century. I am Sublime because I am bewitching, I am Balkiss because I am elusive and moving.
I am Sublime Balkiss.

An Eau de Parfum Chyprée - Florale by Céline Ellena, 2008

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