Oud For Love

I am the embodiment of ardent seduction. Bewitching, I transcend the senses, sublimating desire into burning passion. Step by step, I unveil my opulent scents with intense notes of resin, spices and the Orient.

I am a philtre d'Amour d'Arabie that envelops you in its deep, sensual, multi-faceted scent. Saffron and Cumin reveal a floral, carnal heart of Tuberose and Ylang-ylang. At the base, my woody, spicy richness lends intensity to my majestic Oud in feverish elegance.

I am a tribute to Love, an intense, powerful, uncontrollable feeling. My perfumer knew how to sublimate me and reveal my complexity, summoning the most animal and suave side of the Absolu de Oud.

I am Oud for Love.

Oriental-Floral Perfume Extract by Bertrand Duchaufour, 2012.

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