At The Different Company, we know that the fragrance of the earth is demanding and rare, and that it can only be captured if we take the time to do so, with respect and sensitivity, with knowledge and passion.

At The Different Company, we like this time to be incompressible, forcing us to wait for it, encouraging us to master it, inviting us to live it, year after year, second after second.

You'll have had to scour the Atlas Mountains to find your very own Cedar, pick the stems of the Bumblebee Island Geranium, gather natural Bergamot from Calabria or Sicily, collect Patchouli from the heart of Indonesia, or Damask Rose between the months of May and July...

At The Different Company, we look again and again for soils and soils that are gifted with the best bark, roots and petals. We know that nature, skilfully sculpted by the elements, will not offer the same notes from one humus to another, from one rainy season to a summer sky...

We had to defy the shamans of Ecuador so that they would leave the Palo Santo, the sacred and protected wood of the Incas, to other skins... We had to use traditional porcelain pots to transport the concrete flowers of the Osmanthus from China...

At The Different Company, we believe that matter has a soul and that its vibration carries its history like a subtle imprint.

The Caloupilé leaves had to be gambled on for them to gracefully intoxicate, and formulas sometimes had to be reworked hundreds of times. In the quest for olfactory perfection, giving free rein to creation takes time, daring and a lot of belief.

At The Different Company, freedom is unrestricted and the work is generous. While our master perfumers practice the classical tradition in the best possible way, they also take time out and introspect to better understand their experiments.

At The Different Company, perfume is created like a work of art. It's unique and free, capricious and fragile, with no room for harshness. It took seven hundred thousand Egyptian Jasmine flowers or fifty kilos of rose petals to create just one bottle...

From cold water to essence, from maceration to distillation, it takes thousands of moments before, at the end of a long, meticulous and unstable journey, the imminence of the fragrance appears, so strong and so frail.

At The Different Company, we want our fragrances to capture the delicate fragility of happiness. We're looking for the immortal essence that will sublimate nature and capture the feverishness of its breath. We want our fragrances to be born from the source to live in eternity.


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