I am a delicacy from elsewhere, brought back from China in traditional porcelain pots. A perfumers' treasure, inspired by tales and legends, my Osmanthus flower penetrates hearts with a tender feeling of sweetness, voluptuousness and nostalgia.

I am an exquisite elixir of unparalleled olfactory beauty. My floral heart, as soft as velvet, is supported by the roundness of Musk and the vibrancy of Pink Berries. Assertive and refined, my trail leaves a subtle, luminous mark.

I am the memory of an emotion, felt by my perfumer on the other side of the world, gripping and persistent, on discovering the Forbidden City. The poetry of a different, dazzling moment.

I am Osmanthus.

A floral Eau de Toilette by Jean-Claude Ellena, 2000.

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