Rose Poivrée

I am an unrivalled contrast. Petal against petal, Rose Damascena and Rose Centifolia weave a floral weave. As a counterpoint to this duo, Black Pepper and Pink Berry unleash their character, so that the flame takes hold.

I am a majestic trail, my flower is the queen of perfumery. Honeyed, warm, fresh, its many facets make it inexhaustible. Here, the spicy side is the most elaborate. I'm loved for my frankness, adored for my balance.

I am for women or men, my Rose has no gender. Devilishly voluptuous, I'm a monument to perfumery.

I am Rose Poivrée.
An Eau de Parfum Florale-Epicée created by Jean-Claude Ellena, 2000, rediscovered in 2020

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