Limon de Cordoza

I am an impertinent fragrance, a trompe-l'oeil olfactory illusion that's truer than life: beneath my lemony notes with the accent of a fresh Mojito, there is actually a Mandarin and Bitter Orange accord, accompanied by Mint leaves to complete the illusion.

I am a disconcerting journey into the realm of vibrant, floral white Neroli. Mon tourbillon d'agrumes takes you to the majestic, imaginary city of Cordoza.

I am intensely tangy and flamboyant with my citrus and spicy notes. In the background, Patchouli brings elegance and refinement to my sparkling trail.

I am Limon de Cordoza.

Eau de Toilette Citrus by Émilie Coppermann, 2012.

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