Oriental Lounge

I am a trail of sweet spices, the freshness of oases, the sensuality of oriental silks. A pure, precious fragrance for the skin, I invite pleasure, I am an olfactory caress. I envelop you like a red satin sheet on your skin, and slowly reveal myself...

I am a play of contrasts between sweet and bitter, smooth and spicy. My perfumer imagined me around an original accord between the sweetness of Caloupilé, the freshness of Bergamot, and the depth of Amber and Tonka Bean. I combine modernity, talent and imagination.

I am the Orient of a Thousand and One Nights, opulent and captivating. I draw you into my legends and myths, my stories and passionate romances.
Mysterious and luminous, provocative and unsettling, I am Oriental Lounge.

An Oriental-Spicy Eau de Parfum by Céline Ellena, 2009.
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