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I am a provocative perfume in the night of Cordoba, an evening jasmine transcended by a blazing sun on the ochre of my land. My perfumer has tailored in an intense freshness for me, made of a juicy bergamot, spiked with pink berries.

Here, my narcotic flowers are crafted the old-fashioned way, to reveal their gourmand and subtle facet, balanced by dry and woody notes, enhanced by tonka bean and luminous musk.  

I am the proud and burning gaze of the Andalusian women when music sets the night on fire in the light of the candles. I am a fatal, hypnotic, powerful perfume.

I am a fatal, hypnotic, powerful perfume. I am Red Burning Night


Made in France and designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, our products represent the culmination of contemporary French luxury.
Our historic bottles are unique, modern and elegant, designed with purity in mind.
And that's the spirit of The Different Company!
The silkscreen prints are in platinum (Juste Chic Collection) or enamel (L'Esprit Cologne Collection).
The bottles are re-burnt to remove impurities and make them softer to the touch. Our pumps are invisible. The covers are made of solid metal.
We are committed to working with French artisans as much as possible and to continually introducing you to new compositions and products, while never compromising on the quality and history we want to share with you.
Red Burning Night - PRE ORDER OPENED

Red Burning Night - PRE ORDER OPENED


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